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The requirements for eating in a perfectly healthy way are really very few and simple. -- Wallace Wattles in The Science of Being Well


How to use material from this website ethically (and profitably!)

Thanks, my friend, for your interest in sharing the wonderful message of The Science of Being Well and the related material on this site with your website visitors, readers, clients, friends and family — everyone you know! I hope you'll join me in making real the vision of abundant life for everyone on the planet.

Just so you don't innocently wander into legal hot water along the way, here's the scoop on what it means that The Science of Being Well ebook and audiobook, Be Well!™ ezine, The Science of Being Well and Beyond™ online course, The Science of Being Well InfiniteCoach™ Audio Set, the "Being Well: 52 VERY Alternative Health Tips™" software, and all text and graphics on this website are all protected by copyright.

Copyright means that unless you have specific, written permission from me before the fact, you may NOT:
  • put the ebook or any part of it on your website for anyone to download or read from your site,
  • distribute the download instructions for the ebook or the ebook itself to anyone via email or any other manner,
  • use any part of the book, course, website, audio materials, tips, or ezine (except as specified below) on any other website or in any other printed, digital, or recorded materials, or to teach your own courses,
  • duplicate or distribute any of the above in any other manner, or
  • translate any of the above for any purpose described here.


Here are the written permissions you have from me now.

You are welcome, and encouraged to:
  • send others to the site to get all the free goodies I give away,
  • recommend services and products from this site to anyone you think might benefit from them,
  • join the free Affiliate Program and earn generous commissions when people you refer become customers,
  • use the graphics and text exactly as provided in the Affiliate Toolbox on your site, in your ezine, in permission-based email, or in your printed materials, for use in linking to this site to send others here to get their own books, subscriptions, products, and services. (The use of any graphics and text must be exactly as defined in the Affiliate Toolbox. This protects you from violating additional copyrights, such as those for the artwork used on the site, for which I've paid.)
  • forward any of the tips or any entire ezine to anyone you wish,
  • use my articles from the "Articles" section of this site in any form, as long as you use the complete unchanged text and byline, including the "Resource Box" at the end of each article. If you are a Science of Being Well Network affiliate, you may substitute your affiliate URL as the link to this site. (This permission does NOT extend to reproducing healing stories or testimonials from the Be Well!™ ezine or this site, as these are printed with permission from their authors for my use in the ezine and on this site. Also, you do NOT have permission to reproduce or use anything written in the Science of Being Well Network Discussion Forum.) But you MAY …
  • make a hard copy of the ebook or ezine to give to a friend or family member, as long as you include ALL the pages in their original form and charge nothing. No changes of any kind may be made, except that you may reproduce the book in black and white rather than with color.
    The intent here is that until I publish the ebook as a printed book, you may share the ebook with close friends and family members who don't have the skills or computer access to print it for themselves. This permission is NOT granted for reproducing hard copies of the book to give away for any sort of business promotion or educational purpose, even if you charge no fee.
You may be wondering, if I've got such a big vision ...
Why all the rules???
Here's why.

This website and everything I offer here are part of my livelihood. As such, this is a business.

This work is also my passion, a way in which I fulfill my purpose in life. I know this because it makes me happy, it's tremendously exciting and fulfilling, and I'd do it whether or not I made any money at it.

However, as a student of Mr. Wattles, I believe that it is my spiritual duty to live the most abundant life possible. That includes both living my passion and having all the money I could ever want to fulfill my God-given dreams and desires, as well as wanting for YOU all that I enjoy and want for myself.

If I were to give you free and unlimited permission to use the materials into which I have poured MY heart and soul, I would be contributing to depriving the world of YOUR unique gifts. And I would be depriving the world of all the wonderful things I will be able to do with the resources that are the natural exchange from everyone who receives what's mine to give.

THANK YOU for honoring yourself and me by respecting my work.

Be Well!

P.S. If you missed the link above to details about joining the Affiliate Program, click here!

P.P.S. If you missed the link above for articles you can use on your site or ezine, click here.

P.P.P.S. You may be wondering how this book can be copyrighted when it was originally published in 1911, and would thus be in the "public domain." It is true that the original text of Wallace D. Wattles' The Science of Being Well is indeed in the public domain. No one can copyright that form.

The version you have received has been modified significantly from the original, primarily by the addition of LOTS of extra information, and also a few other changes as described in my "Introduction" in the text. These changes, plus the artwork and formatting, make it into a new creation which IS copyrighted.

If you are attracted to the idea of transforming an old text that matches your passion and purpose into a form you can offer the world, you can learn how to do this in a unique program, "Public Domain Riches," taught by Yanik Silver. Click here for more information on that program.

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