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Don't worry. Perfection is not required! -- The Science of Being Well by Wallace D. Wattles, with Dr. Alexandra Gayek


'Why isn't it working yet?'
'What am I doing wrong?'
'How can I get faster results?'
'What should I do first?'
'How can I deal with my fear of success?'
'But MY situation is really serious! Can this stuff work for ME?'

Get private and personal support, coaching and assistance from Dr. Gayek

Alexandra Gayek, N.D., The Science of Being Well NETworkIf you need practical help with your health, and would benefit from private, individualized, step-by-step guidance and coaching, let's set up a private telephone consultation right away.

My primary work is to help you remember your own Truth—your true power, who you really are, your connection with All That Is, what's yours to do.

The Power That Heals is fully available to you. If you've gotten disconnected, I'll help you plug back in.

Along the way, I'll help you with specific strategies for dealing with all the things that are affecting your health, whether it's relationship issues, work, money, sleep, general questions about food and medicine.

I only serve as long-distance physician to those who are, or have been involved in one of my courses, and who are also working with a local doctor. Write to me in the box below before registering for a session, if you have questions about this.

I'd be happy and honored to assist you in your transformation. Here's what others have said about their experiences:

"Every session I've had with you has transformed me.

"Every time I think of wisdom you've shared with me, I am inspired to make healthier choices emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In every session, you have given me all of yourself and you were fully present with me."

   —Liz Hanbury, Seattle, Washington, USA

"Dr. Gayek, you are an outstanding coach!

"Every time we have a coaching session, I come away with such clarity. It amazes me how you always know just the right question to ask or share an observation that suddenly draws exactly the right answer or insight from me. It's like we become kindred spirits and by partnering with you, everything always becomes so simple, clear and concise that I know exactly what I need to do.

"You teach me to be kind to myself and in so doing, I've become balanced, fulfilled and much more focused. You've helped me to create new techniques for achieving and maintaining success and wealth building.

"Thank you!"

   —Debbi Poirier, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Would you like this support, too?

Private consultations are $245 US for an initial session of up to 90 minutes, or $195 for up to 60 minutes, paid in advance.

For an Instant Coaching session, choose the number of 20 minute segments you think you'll need on the order form. You can add more as needed, up to a total of four. Each segment is $80. If I am unavailable when you need help, and we cannot schedule a session right away, you will either receive a refund, or be offered a regular coaching session scheduled in advance.

NOTE: Please understand that unless we have made that specific arrangement, I will not be serving as your physician. This means I won't order or interpret lab tests; diagnose disease; give advice on treatments, drugs, supplements; supervise fasting, cleansing, or detoxification programs unless we have made a specific agreement for me to serve you as a physician.

(If you live on or near Orcas Island and wish for me to serve as your physician, be sure to provide your phone number in the form below.)

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If you have questions you'd like to ask before setting up your session, please submit them using the form below.

I look forward to serving you!

Alexandra Gayek, N.D.

Alexandra Gayek, N.D.

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