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"My son who is ten has trouble going to sleep and often staying asleep, listened to the sleep CD last night and had one of his best nights of sleep ever. We both love it."

— Laya Jackson Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA

"Just wanted to let you know I received my Infinite Coach™ Audio Set about 10 days ago and I love it. You have done a really good job of it and I've often felt full of love and gratitude for you at the end of a listening (and for my body and for life).

"When I'm feeling rotten and dispirited and don't have the strength to transcend it, I now have a wonderful way of tapping into the support and nurturing I need. The scripts you've written are beautiful ... perfect!

"Thank you SO much. This is great work you are doing. God bless you."

— Jane Gaffney
Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia

"Lucky me! I recently had to have five whole days of oral surgery (ugh) but I got to listen to the brand-new, hot-off-the-presses Infinite Coach™ right before I began and then during the week. WONDERFUL!

"The dentist and his assistants were amazed at how calm I was (even with dozens of needles and other sharp, painful things coming at me) and at how quickly I healed. Actually, even I was impressed with how unanxious I felt. Other than not needing the work done at all, what could be better?"

Thank you!

— Rebecca Fine
Seattle, Washington, USA
founder of The Science of Getting Rich Network

"Oh my gosh! I just got done listening to your [InfiniteCoach™] Forgiveness CD. It absolutely is fantastic. You did an amazing, amazing, AMAZING job with it.

"I just sat here in my office and closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel it as well as to experience it. That was just lovely. It was very very thorough, lovely, gentle, truth-speaking, magnificent. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous job."

Magnificent! Thank you!

— Rev. Bonnie Barnard
Mount Lake Terrace, Washington, USA
author of Forgive Your Way to Freedom

"I was in the pits, and you reminded me I had the resources right there to help me out. I started playing them while I was driving around, and it was like I had never heard them before! You know how they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear?

"I must not have been ready before, because this time I heard you say all these new things. I mean I really got it! I felt SO much better. I think I listened to the one on addictions about five times in a row because it is so encouraging. It made me feel happy and positive about my life, which is a BIG switch from how I was feeling.

"I was able to stop bingeing and get back on track.

"Thank you SO MUCH for making those tapes."

— Rosie J. Ellison Seattle, Washington, USA

"This sweet gem, The Infinite Coach™ Audio Set, will sooth your heart and free you to fly. The first disk alone is worth the price of admission. I repeatedly listen to this one. I enjoy it with breakfast.

"I get Alexandra and her delightful confidence reminding me of truths I already know, that you already know in your bones and in your heart. If you're like me, you benefit from a regular stream of this valuable support."

— William Wittmann,
Seattle, Washington, USA

"The day that I discovered that I had misplaced the Infinite Coach Audio Set ™, I was already feeling defeated and dejected over a combination of events/misadven-tures. I had the thought that I needed a loving "parent" to connect with and talk to for perspective and comfort. Both my parents have passed on.

"While I was exploring my options for resolution I recalled that when I had first received the "IC Set" and had listened to CD #1 & 6 my impression and experience was precisely that.....your voice and the material you were presenting were the equivalent of having a " wise and loving parent" available.

"I am just thrilled that I found it. I love your coaching. I feel so nurtured and totally supported."

Be Well

— Barbara Rock
Mount Morris, Michigan, USA

"I'm writing to pass along a thank-you from my 84-year-old mom. I loaned my Infinite Coach™ CD's to her because she was feeling stressed out. When she gets really stressed, she twists her guts up into a knot and has to have surgery so she can excrete again. This has happened at least five times. She was twisting up again and about to dial 911.

"She decided to put on your "Preparing for Rejuvenating Sleep". She played it five times and was able to sleep. Her guts relaxed. She wrote me that for the first time, she could see that her physical ailment was caused by emotional stress. She's thrilled to be feeling better and gives your CD the credit."

Growing together,

— Lois Wickstrom, Philadelphia, PA, USA


  Now You Can ...

Be Well with Hardly Any Time or Effort!

Get All the Benefits of The Science of Being Well,
While You Let Me Do the Work for You!
When it comes to actually practicing The Science of Being Well, the two biggest obstacles people say they have are:
  • They don't have time to download and read the book.
  • They can't stay mentally focused on wellness in the midst of all the challenges of real life.
Sound familiar?

But what if you could start seeing results almost immediately, with hardly any effort, and in the process build a strong foundation for improving your health, your relationships, your business, your income, your self confidence, and your peace of mind?

That's a big promise — yet it's exactly what Mr. Wattles tells us in his books, The Science of Being Well and The Science of Getting Rich.

When you actually live what Mr. Wattles teaches, you get all this! And when you let me help you put the teachings into practice, you can begin to get it right away ...
... in as Little as 15 Minutes.
And I'm not just talking about feeling good for just those few minutes. I'm talking about permanently transforming the way you think, and even changing the connections in your brain to make everything easier from now on.

All you have to do is to allow your transformation to start now with ...

The Science of Being Well InfiniteCoach Audio Set

When you take advantage of the combined power of The Science of Being Well, everything I've learned in almost 30 years of working with people, plus the amazing audio technology of Holosync速, you're about to experience something entirely new and different ... and your life is about to change.
What Can You Expect from Your InfiniteCoach™ Audio Set?
At first, you'll just feel more peaceful and positive from listening to a specific soundtrack — whichever one your situation calls for in the moment.

Then, you'll begin to catch yourself more and more quickly any time you start to react negatively to the events of life. Soon you'll be able choose a better response almost effortlessly.

Next, instead of just reacting and responding to events that come your way, you'll find yourself creating the positive events you want in your life — in self-care, in your work, your personal and professional relationships, your finances, the way you spend your time...

Then you'll watch the marvelous results unfold. You'll feel calmer, more centered, more powerful, more energetic. Your health will improve in measurable ways. Your relationships will blossom. Your finances will increase. It will be easier to make life-affirming choices in every area of your life.
How Can You Fulfill Your Part of the Process
and Get these Amazing Results Mr. Wattles Promises?

"I can say of the Science of Being Well that it works, and that wherever its laws are complied with, it can no more fail to work than the science of geometry can fail to work. If the tissues of your body have not been so destroyed that continued life is impossible, you can get well, and if you will think and act in a certain way, you will get well ...

"For if you get well, it must be by giving your whole mind to the right way of thinking and living ...

"Remember that The Science of Being Well claims to be a complete and sufficient guide in every particular. Concentrate upon the way of thinking and acting it prescribes, and follow it in every detail, and you will get well, or if you are already well, you will remain so."

Yes, it's a big, wonderful promiseand there are also some very big "if's" in there!
  • IF you comply with its laws.
  • IF you think and act in a certain way.
  • IF you give your whole mind to the right way of thinking and living.
  • IF you concentrate upon the way of thinking and acting it prescribes, and follow it in every detail.
But What If You Can't Always Do All This?
HOW do you practice The Science of Being Well when ...
  • You feel too sick or miserable to focus on anything else ...
  • You can't remember what it feels like not to be in pain, much less have the clear mental impression of perfect health ...
  • You're caught up in the thick of your addictive behavior ...
  • You have an obvious injury, a real disease, real symptoms that you can't ignore ...
  • You're too scared about your upcoming dental or medical procedure to envision anything but the worst outcome ...
  • You're hurt or angry, and the last thing you feel is desire to be kind to yourself and everyone else ...
  • You hate your body (or some part of it) ...
  • You've gotten off-track, feel stuck, aren't motivated, and don't know what to do ...
  • You don't have time or money right now for private coaching.
Use The Science of Being Well Infinite Coach™ Audio Set and let me guide you through every appearance of any emotional, mental, or physical obstacle.
Get Help Right When You Need It,
Every Time You Need It.
Listen, when you are upset, frightened, or in pain, you cannot think clearly. You can't easily access your natural intelligence.

There's nothing wrong with you! This is simply the natural effect of powerful emotion on the human brain.

No matter how much you have studied and learned, there will be times when you need help connecting to the information you already know. And when the information is new, you may have an even greater need for help.

In those emotional moments, let me guide you back to clarity, peace, and a sense of control.
Effortlessly Build A Strong Foundation of Skills.
When you have practiced with me and experienced the results, you'll easily and naturally begin to use the skills yourself in your daily life. You'll be practicing the most challenging parts of The Science of Being Well without even trying — and getting the results to match.
Do You Run into These Common Stumbling Blocks?
For years, my patients have been asking me to make them tapes so they can listen again at home to things I've talked them through in the office, things like:
  • Healing when you're feeling too miserable to think healing thoughts.
  • Interrupting addictive habits.
  • Dealing with fear and anxiety about illness, dental and medical procedures (and anything else in life!)
  • Transforming anger, hurt, resentment, shame, guilt, and disappointment that interferes with your desire or ability to do the "voluntary functions of life in a perfectly healthy way."
  • Changing your body image and attitude about yourself.
  • Building your conception of perfect health when you can't imagine being healthy.
  • Daily practices to rebuild health instead of staying stuck in chronic illness.
  • Relaxing and preparing your body for rejuvenating sleep.
So I've done as my patients have asked ...
... and Now YOU Can Benefit, Too!

Be well immediately by getting help staying on track with thinking and living in the Certain Way just when the going gets toughest — at times you may not be able to predict!

In eight audio CDs or cassette tapes (your choice), I'll gently guide you through all of the most common problems you may face and teach you the most important and useful practices I know for ...
  • Healing Quickly from Infectious Disease
  • Interrupting Addictive Behavior
  • Healing Now Through Gratitude
  • Transforming Fear and Anxiety
  • Building Your Conception of Perfect Health
  • Healing from Surgery, Injury, and Chronic Disease
  • Transforming Your Mind and Body Through Forgiveness
  • Preparing Your Body for Rejuvenating Sleep

Look, I'd like to be there with you in person or on the phone every time you need help, but of course that's not practical. It's true that when you have private coaching with me, you receive a tape of the session to listen to again and again ...

"Every time I think of the wisdom you've shared with me, I am inspired to make healthier choices emotionally, spiritually, and physically."

— Liz Hanbury, Seattle, Washington, USA

Now, for all those times private coaching is not possible, the Infinite Coach™ is! You can have just what you need at your fingertips, so that you can truly absorb and learn the skills that will allow you to master The Science of Being Well.
And Check Out These Special Features!
  • Each program is recorded on a separate CD, so there's no searching for the correct track. They are set up for you to listen to over and over again.
  • Each soundtrack is also recorded with special background music from the amazing Holosync速 program, to enhance its effectiveness when you listen with stereo headphones.

    This audio technology, developed by the world-famous Centerpointe Research Institute, places you in an alpha brainwave pattern (a state like deep meditation), with increased focus and concentration, and superlearning — thus enhancing the effectiveness of the spoken word on these soundtracks.
My friend, all you have to do is listen with a willing spirit and watch your life and health begin to change. With all this, you'd have to try pretty hard NOT to get wonderful results!

The very thought of you using this complete original audio program makes me smile. I KNOW what it can do for you!

But because you don't and won't until you listen for yourself ...
Here's My Personal Guarantee:
Try it for a full three months. Listen to every CD. If you don't LOVE your new audio program and the results you're getting, simply return the set for a full refund of your purchase price.

What's the cost for ALL THIS?

An unbelievable $89.97, plus shipping and handling, for the entire eight-CD set!

My friend, if you're ready to experience the amazing results others have had by practicing The Science of Being Well, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mail & fax ordering options for The Science of Being Well InfiniteCoach™ Get the complete set — eight CDs — for only $89.97 plus shipping!

Order CDs securely online with MasterCard, Visa (credit or debit) or PayPal

Click here to order The Science of Being Well InfiniteCoach™ on CDs

Not only will your own life improve, but so will the life of everyone around you. We really are all in this together — and I'm pulling for you.

"Trusting that you will go on until the priceless blessing of perfect health is yours," I wish you infinite blessings along the way.

Be Well,
Alexandra Gayek

Alexandra Gayek, ND

P.S. If you wait, you could be sacrificing a huge boost to your health and happiness. Let me take the risk and do the work while you sit back, listen, and watch your life and health change!

Get the complete set — all 8 CDs — shipped virtually anywhere, at this amazingly low price!
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