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How to Use the Global Discussion Forum


1. Click on FORUM GUIDELINES in the uppermost bar on the forum page to read before posting.

2. Click on Register in the next bar, and fill in the registration form 
that pops up. Print this page, or write down the info in a place
where you will remember it! (If you print the page, make sure to 
write your password on it.)

3. Click to "submit" the registration form.

4. Check your email for the next step.

5. You will receive a link in that email to activate your account. 
When you click on it, it will take you to the forum.

6. You'll arrive at the Log In page. This is where you'll get to enter
that user name and password you so carefully recorded when you
registered. The click on the Log In button and you're in.

7. Once you're logged in, click on My Controls and then on the
left side of the page, Edit profile info. Fill in your details so people
can get to know you.

Also, you can create a standard "signature" that goes at the end of your posts by clicking on Edit signature. You may post your website
URL, but not advertising. It's NOT recommended that you include
your email address, as this makes it available for spam harvesters.

8. To return to the discussion area of the forum, click on The
Science of Being Well Discussion Forum.


1. Click on Discuss the book and its teachings here... or, if you
are a course member, SOBWB Course Forum. (The SOBWB Course Forum requires a password to enter.) A new page will come up with a blue
button on the upper right that says NEW TOPIC. Click there.

2. If you have lots to write, or for some other reason will spend more than a few minutes from the time you start writing until you finish, 
it's best to create your post elsewhere on your computer as a text
file (I use the "Notepad" feature) then paste the completed post
where it says "Enter your post."

3. Give yourself time to play with the smilies and icons so you can
have fun using them, by putting them in, then previewing your post, then editing as needed before posting it.


1. Click on the ADD REPLY button at the top right or bottom 
right part of the page. Or, click on FAST REPLY, which allows 
you to see the post to which you are responding at the same time 
you are writing.

2. Follow instructions as for posting a new topic.

That's it! Click here to join the conversation!

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