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The Science of Being Well Audiobook PLUS
InfiniteCoach™ Audio Set on CDs

Audiobook by Wallace D. Wattles, with new material by Alexandra Gayek, N.D.
Recorded by and with a new Introduction by Dr. Alexandra Gayek, founder of The Science of Being Well Network. Three compact discs in handsome storage album. Running time: approx. four hours.

InfiniteCoach™ Audio Set featuring Holosync® Audio Technology with original material by Dr. Alexandra Gayek. Recorded by Dr. Alexandra Gayek.

Description Quantity Price Each Total
SOBW Audiobook on 3 CDs; InfiniteCoach™ Audio Set on 8 CDs _________ $124.94 US $__________
SOBW Audiobook on 3 Cassettes; InfiniteCoach™ Audio Set on 8 Cassettes _________ $124.94 US $__________
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